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Engineering Bootcamp

Our Engineering Bootcamp is a 17-week fully paid training programme that provides the environment and skills to become a full-time Software Engineer here at Beamery.


More about the Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp is aimed at unlocking unique growth opportunities for the next generation of tech leaders. Last year we had 7 Bootcampers join our fully funded programme, all of which became full-time software engineers at Beamery. 

Who is the Beamery Bootcamp for?

We are passionate about closing the diversity gap in the tech industry. In light of this, we wanted to ensure that this program is accessible for people from all backgrounds, not just those with a computer science background. We're creating a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone to have the opportunity to work in tech. 

If you love to code and have a dream to pursue a career in Software Development, then this could be a great opportunity for you to get the skills you need to kick off your career as an engineer.  We're not looking for professional experience, but will need to have written lines of code in any language to be eligible. (Don’t worry, as we’ll provide some helpful guidance to get you started). Most importantly we are looking for people who have soft skills, the right attitude and potential to grow with us. 

In a recent survey we found that 50% of our engineers started from unconventional backgrounds into tech from either self teaching, bootcamps, or learning on the job. This proves that anyone who has enough desire, passion and determination can become an amazing engineer. And it doesn’t hurt to also have an amazing team of engineers who have been your shoes supporting you along the way

If you think this could be the right path for you, we hope that you take the time register your interest below.

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Why choose Beamery?

By building the world’s most intelligent talent lifecycle management platform, we’re helping everyone unleash their human potential. Millions of people are being left behind everyday in their careers, and we’re on a mission to fix this. By joining us, you’ll help us build a world where talent comes first. 

Everything we do is about people. Here, you'll be supported and given autonomy to learn and develop the way that suits you. As one of the fastest growing scale ups in the world, now is an amazing time to join our team. Learn more about what we do below.

What we do

Meet our graduates


Programme details

You will take part in a 17-week full-time Mon-Fri programme and is all about learning best practices in Software Engineering. You will receive one-on-one coaching from a dedicated Engineering Manager, as well ongoing feedback from everyone including our team of ex-bootcampers! The program will involve a hybrid of working remotely and in our Moorgate, London office, with 2-3 days based in the office each week. 

You will be paid a salary equivalent to £25,000 per annum, which will be prorated during the 17-week period. Your salary will be increased to market rate upon successful completion of the 17-week program and you will have regular salary reviews throughout your time at Beamery.  

After 17-Weeks you will become an Associate Engineer at Beamery who, from day 1, are ready to learn and get things done in a real business context:

You will be prepared for:

  • Real projects, completing tickets, pull requests and deployments
  • Communicating and receiving feedback, pair programming and team collaboration
  • Building concepts, vocabulary and skills in full-stack, functional and OO development
  • A *lot* of Googling, testing and debugging

Once successfully completing the 17-week course you will be joining one of our delivery teams here at Beamery and work on solving interesting challenges that support some of the world's largest companies. We structure our engineering organisation around product ownership, which means our teams own their products from ideation to production and beyond 🚀.

The Curriculum
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Curriculum Overview

In this programme you’ll gain solid foundational knowledge of key areas such as semantic, accessible HTML, CSS and Javascript,  while building on these using modern software development tools and frameworks such as NodeJS, Typescript, React, NestJS, CSS pre-processors and MongoDB. You'll also collaborate using agile processes, using paired and ensemble programming and develop skills of automated testing, containerisation, deployment and cloud infrastructure. Throughout the course you'll put this learning into practice by building practical real-life projects, and towards the end of the 17 weeks you'll be putting all of this together to deliver a full-stack software project with real business value, working as a team.

Meet our course leaders

Selection Process

Ready to get started? Here’s what you can expect.

Orion Skew Tool

1. Send your application!

Show us your interest by applying via our simple application form

Programming Laptop Type

2. Self-directed learning

We’ll provide you with some helpful resources to catch up on the basics and invite you to a slack channel where we have a team available to support you

Orion Classic Computer

3. Create a website

Put your new skills to practice through our website assessment

Orion Goal

4. Submit your website

Make sure to submit your website before the due date provided

Orion Chats

5. Assessment day

If successful, we will invite you to our office for some final face-to-face interviews where you’ll take part in a coding exercise

Orion Prize (2)

6. Offer

Following the assessment day, we’ll make our final selection for our 2023 Bootcamp Cohort!

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7. Let’s get started

Before the programme begins, we'll be sending out course pre-work.

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Register your interest for our 2023 applications

You can submit your details through the link below and you will be the first to hear about our 2023/24 Bootcamp and keep up to date with all things Beamery!

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