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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We are committed to building a representative Beamery, creating an equitable, inclusive and engaging environment for our people.

DE&I Progress (Fair HQ)

Our journey so far…

Our partnership with Fair HQ enables us to take an evidence-based approach to developing a representative, fair, open and inclusive environment at Beamery.

This process has led us to the following principles: 

  • We will always start with an inclusion-first mindset 
  • We will center decision making around fairness and openness 
  • We will build diverse, non-homogeneous teams, reducing our blind spots
2023 Fair HQ Results

Where we are today…

There has been mixed progress against our 2028 goals: that is, reaching and maintaining a

Fair HQ inclusion score above 9 and equity score above 8.

Our Inclusion score has dropped in the most recent survey (from 6.9 to 6.6) but our Equity score has gone from 4.6 (Beginner) to 5.3 (Intermediate). The third pillar of our overall FairHQ score, our Diversity score, stayed roughly the same at 6.7 (up from 6.6 in 2022).

A total score of 6 for Beamery’s DE&I overall3 represents a small improvement over 2022. The key areas where we had made good progress were around ethnic minority representation, updating key policies, and onboarding. It was noted that we had work to do around promotions, pay, and L&D.

We have a lot of work still to do, but it’s important to recognize moments where we’ve learnt, and grown. 

We’ve launched an Impact Manifesto that dives into more detail in each section. You can see the full report below.

Visit Impact Manifesto

Some of our Community Partners

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Beamery in the community

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Whats next...

🏗 Our inclusion score dropped by 0.2 this year – and the lowest drivers were “fairness” and “openness”. These are going to be our areas of focus for the year ahead, with initiatives focused more on making our policies and processes more equitable and accessible, and boosting organizational transparency.

In a bid to focus on doing a few things really well in 2024, we are committed to: Reviewing our policies and processes in order to increase equity and transparency.

This means:

• Launching regular feedback loops and employee surveys.
• Weaving anti-harassment training into our mandatory global compliance program.
• Global salary benchmarking and global gender pay gap reporting.
• Employee access to total reward statements, so employees have a full understanding of their total compensation.
• Embedding our job architecture framework into hiring processes and performance reviews (to provide more transparency over career progression).


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Read our entire Impact & Sustainability Manifesto

This manifesto outlines our environment, social and governance (ESG) goals. We want to hold ourselves to the highest standards and build solutions for the long term.

Impact and Sustainability Manifesto