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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We are committed to building a representative Beamery, creating an equitable, inclusive and engaging environment for our people.

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Our journey so far…

Our partnership with Fair HQ enables us to take an evidence-based approach to developing a representative, fair, open and inclusive environment at Beamery.

This process has led us to the following principles: 

  • We will always start with an inclusion-first mindset 
  • We will center decision making around fairness and openness 
  • We will build diverse, non-homogeneous teams, reducing our blind spots
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We’ve made positive progress…

Our overall maturity score has moved from beginner to intermediate level, and all scores across diversity, equality and inclusion have increased – with our equality score doubling. Below, we go through everything in more detail.

We have a lot of work still to do, but it’s important to recognize moments where we’ve learnt, and grown. Below you can see the step change we’ve made between our first and second Fair HQ assessments (February 2021 and February 2022), as we moved from a ‘beginner’ level of maturity (4.6/10) to an ‘intermediate’ level (5.8/10).

We’ve launched an Impact Manifesto that dives into more detail in each section. You can see the full report below.

Visit Impact Manifesto

Some of our Community Partners

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Beamery in the community

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Our long-term commitments

🏗 To build a representative Beamery.

We’ll increase representation of women, non-binary people, and people of colour in leadership, because we believe that only when different voices come together, will we be able to build a fairer future of work. We are commuting to a maximum 40% homogeneity across all departments and seniority levels by 2028. 

Today: Over 52% of our team are from underrepresented groups. This is most reflected at the Individual Contributor level.

🌱 To create an equitable, inclusive and engaging environment for our people.

We’ll increase our people’s happiness and wellbeing, so that they can do their best work each day, without barriers. We are commuting to a minimum Fair HQ inclusion score of 9+, Fair HQ equality score of 8+ and eNPS score of 50+ by 2028.

Today: Our inclusion score is 6.9/10, equality score is 4.6/10 and our eNPS is 23.4.

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Read our entire Impact & Sustainability Manifesto

This manifesto outlines our environment, social and governance (ESG) goals. We want to hold ourselves to the highest standards and build solutions for the long term.

Impact and Sustainability Manifesto