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Life at Beamery Blog

We believe that there is a better way for companies to connect with future employees. We've created this blog to share an inside view into life at Beamery.

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Technical interviews are evil

Alexander Grushko a Senior Software Engineer here at Beamery, walks us through the potential challenges that come with these types of interviews and provides some solutions to start to fix them.

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Day in the life

Family-friendly Benefits at Beamery: Meet Some Of Our Parents and Pa(w)rents

We caught up with some of our #BeamTeam about the challenges & advice of being a working parent & pa(w)rent maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and how Beamery has created an environment that supports this.


Team highlights

Meet Team Quantum | The Team Behind Beamery's Candidate Portals

Hear from the team behind the innovations in Beamery’s exciting Fall Product Launch. Discover our new approach to personalizing the candidate experience, with our new AI-driven Candidate Portals. Beamery’s Candidate Portals is the first candidate hub


Living our values

BeaMOry: Our first Movember at Beamery

When Max Goodberg, our Head of Growth and Operations brought the idea of Movember to the Impact Team at Beamery in late October, a number of questions cropped up. We’d never done this before. How do we get folks to sign-up? What are the best…


Day in the life

Beamery Explorers - The Barcelona Edition: The benefits of our work from anywhere policy.

We caught up with three of our engineers about their experience of taking advantage of ‘Beamery Explore’, one of the new perks from our Holiday policy. In this article, Matt, Grace and Jamie made good use of this benefit, and how working from…

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Career Development

7 Key Learnings from our Experience of Pair Programming

We love pair programming at Beamery as it is a great way to share knowledge and build a collaborative, effective engineering team.

Blog Post Summer Launch

Career Development

🌱 Beamery’s Engineering Growth Framework

One of the most common questions we get asked by interview candidates is around how they can grow within the company and in their careers if they choose to join us. As a company that is growing its business exponentially every year — dubbed a…

Blog Post Summer Launch (11)

Team highlights

Meet Team Edge | The Humans Behind AI at Beamery

After this Summer’s Product Launch, we’re excited to shine a light on Team Edge, one of our Engineering delivery teams responsible for keeping Beamery at the forefront of HR technology by building explainable AI to support our clients biggest...

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Day in the life

My internship experience at Beamery by Isabelle Haynes

This week we say 'goodbye for now' to Isabelle, our Operations Intern, who joined us back in July 2022. Isabelle has been an absolute star since she's been here ⭐️, taking on many projects, from launching our new London HQ to leading the early ini...

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Team highlights

Berlin Spotlight: Engineering Leaders Raising the Bar

We’re excited to introduce you to three of our rockstar engineering leaders who are building our Berlin tech hub from the ground up. In this article, we interview Adelina, Meng and Lucy, all a part of our Engineering Leadership team based in our…

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Building Beamery Better 👷‍♂️

At Beamery, we want to be a great employer – unlocking ways for our people, customers, and future talent to thrive – to build a better Beamery. We recently launched our Impact & Sustainability Manifesto and Report where we outlined our...

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Hiring diverse talent isn’t enough

How to create an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential If you look at the careers website of any technology company, there’s a good chance there will be a section about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Most…