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Life at Beamery Blog

We believe that there is a better way for companies to connect with future employees. We've created this blog to share an inside view into life at Beamery.

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Ukraine Background

Living our values

Ukraine support in action

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of our people at Beamery. While there’s always more we can be doing, we’re proud to look back at the last few months and see how we’ve been able to support those in

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Our culture

We’re saying “HYLO” to our new London HQ

It’s official. Our London HQ is moving to the new HYLO building in London… and we cannot wait! With our office still in the construction phase, we’ve been providing some exclusive sneak peaks for the BeamTeamers, and of course that meant Beamery…

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New fully paid sabbaticals, first Fridays off, mandated time off: Beamery holidays revamped

Do you like holidays? We do! And thanks to our groundbreaking new Holiday Policy, we are saying ‘Hello’ to a refreshing, people-first approach to annual leave. TheBeamTeamers are ready to say ‘Hello’ to more time with the kids, short shorts by the…

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Let's Remember Pride is a Protest | Pride at Beamery

This month at Beamery we’re talking about and celebrating Pride Month. We are hesitant to use the word celebrating, because as most people know, Pride is actually a protest...

Team Iceberg (5)

Team highlights

Meet Team Iceberg | The Team Behind Our New Beamery Talent Analytics

On May 31, we excitingly shared the release of a long anticipated new product in our Spring Launch, Beamery Talent Analytics. Through this product we’re introducing our clients to a new world of analytics to help them get answers to the questions…

Gelareh Post (4)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

How Design Thinking creates a more inclusive and remote working environment

In 2021, Em Schwartz, Customer Success Manager at Beamery, led a workshop at our first ever North American offsite about Design Thinking. It was one of our top most successfully rated workshops of the entire offsite. The topic was about Design…

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Career Development

Becoming an Engineer after 10 years in Product | Why it’s never too late

As I write this at the beginning of 2022, I find myself in the middle of a career change from product manager to software engineer. Whilst I was contemplating my career switch, I found surprisingly few articles written about people making this…

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Day in the life

My First 30 Days at Beamery as a Lead Data Scientist

If you want to innovate, you have to iterate! It has been 30 days since I joined Beamery, an HR SaaS B2B company. I started a new role as a Lead Data Scientist in the Edge team — a group of applied data scientists and AI practitioners. Before this..

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Shining a light on our recent promotions!

🏗 Building Beamery better through a revamped review process At Beamery, we want to create a fair, scalable and equitable performance & development culture. We still have a lot of work to do, and in the spirit of defaulting to transparency, we…


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Misogynoir in the workplace | Interview with Bianca Moodie

Last year Beamery had the privilege of having Bianca Moodie, Business Development Strategist for the people advisory practice of a Big Four consultancy firm, come speak to our people about the impact of misogynoir (a term which recognises the…

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Triangirls Q&A: Introducing Anjali Sharma, Backend Developer at Beamery

We had the privilege of partnering with the Triangirls community on their latest Q&A article where they shone the spotlight on Anjali Sharma, one of our incredible Senior Software Engineers here at Beamery. Anjali shares her experiences and…

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WATCH: Life at Beamery | Commercial Team

Who knew our Commercial team were so great behind the camera 🎥 (and of course Yogi, one of our resident doggos 🐶). Watch this video and see why our commercial team is great!