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Team highlights

Meet Team Fusion | The Team Behind Job Architecture

Have you ever wondered who the masterminds behind some of our game-changing product capabilities are? Well, look no further! Hear from Team Fusion, the minds behind our Job Architecture! 🧠

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Matt Smith, Senior Sales VP, On The Power Of Passion & Hard Work

We sat down with Matt Smith, our Senior Vice President of Sales (America), to find out more about him, our sales culture, and what it means to be a part of this team.

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Meet Team Rocket | The Team Behind Our Hiring Manager Experiences

Have you ever wondered who the masterminds behind some of our game-changing product capabilities are? Well, look no further! Hear from Team Rocket, the minds behind our Hiring Manager Experiences! 🚀

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Meet our Professional Service Team | The Team behind our customer implementations

We thought it would be good to give you a better idea of what our Professional Services team at Beamery do and the crucial role they play in implementing our solution with new customers!


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Meet Team Quantum | The Team Behind Beamery's Candidate Portals

Hear from the team behind the innovations in Beamery’s exciting Fall Product Launch. Discover our new approach to personalizing the candidate experience, with our new AI-driven Candidate Portals. Beamery’s Candidate Portals is the first candidate hub

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Meet Team Edge | The Humans Behind AI at Beamery

After this Summer’s Product Launch, we’re excited to shine a light on Team Edge, one of our Engineering delivery teams responsible for keeping Beamery at the forefront of HR technology by building explainable AI to support our clients biggest...

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Berlin Spotlight: Engineering Leaders Raising the Bar

We’re excited to introduce you to three of our rockstar engineering leaders who are building our Berlin tech hub from the ground up. In this article, we interview Adelina, Meng and Lucy, all a part of our Engineering Leadership team based in our…

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Meet Team Iceberg | The Team Behind Our New Beamery Talent Analytics

On May 31, we excitingly shared the release of a long anticipated new product in our Spring Launch, Beamery Talent Analytics. Through this product we’re introducing our clients to a new world of analytics to help them get answers to the questions…

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Beamery’s Culture & Experience team is one year old!

Can’t believe it’s already been one year since joining Beamery mid-pandemic! The Culture & Experience team is led by myself, Sinead Daly, Director, Culture and Experience and the amazingly talented Laura Jackson, Culture and Wellbeing Manager.…

Meet Our (AMAZING) Marketing Team We're Hiring! (2)

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Meet Our Marketing Team + we’re hiring!

Today we wanted you to meet our marketing team. They are a fun group of smart, passionate and talented people who are currently hiring! We've asked them all to share a little about themselves, so you can understand what it’s like to work in Marketing