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Career Development

7 Key Learnings from our Experience of Pair Programming

We love pair programming at Beamery as it is a great way to share knowledge and build a collaborative, effective engineering team.

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Career Development

🌱 Beamery’s Engineering Growth Framework

One of the most common questions we get asked by interview candidates is around how they can grow within the company and in their careers if they choose to join us. As a company that is growing its business exponentially every year — dubbed a…

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Career Development

Making Growth a Shared Responsibility Through Mentorship at Beamery

Explore real stories of how pairing up our bootcampers with established engineers at Beamery has proven to be mutually beneficial. At the beginning of October 2021, seven aspiring software engineers started on Beamery’s engineering bootcamp...

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Career Development

Becoming an Engineer after 10 years in Product | Why it’s never too late

As I write this at the beginning of 2022, I find myself in the middle of a career change from product manager to software engineer. Whilst I was contemplating my career switch, I found surprisingly few articles written about people making this…

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Career Development

5 lessons learnt from teaching beginners to code.

Last March, I started teaching with Code First: Girls, an organisation dedicated to tackling the gender gap in tech. It’s a fantastic company with a valuable mission, and they’ve just reached the incredible milestone of teaching over 20,000 women to…