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Technical interviews are evil

Alexander Grushko a Senior Software Engineer here at Beamery, walks us through the potential challenges that come with these types of interviews and provides some solutions to start to fix them.

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Building Beamery Better 👷‍♂️

At Beamery, we want to be a great employer – unlocking ways for our people, customers, and future talent to thrive – to build a better Beamery. We recently launched our Impact & Sustainability Manifesto and Report where we outlined our...

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New fully paid sabbaticals, first Fridays off, mandated time off: Beamery holidays revamped

Do you like holidays? We do! And thanks to our groundbreaking new Holiday Policy, we are saying ‘Hello’ to a refreshing, people-first approach to annual leave. TheBeamTeamers are ready to say ‘Hello’ to more time with the kids, short shorts by the…

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Shining a light on our recent promotions!

🏗 Building Beamery better through a revamped review process At Beamery, we want to create a fair, scalable and equitable performance & development culture. We still have a lot of work to do, and in the spirit of defaulting to transparency, we…

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WATCH: Life at Beamery | Commercial Team

Who knew our Commercial team were so great behind the camera 🎥 (and of course Yogi, one of our resident doggos 🐶). Watch this video and see why our commercial team is great!

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Coffee & Catch-up with our VP of Marketing, Ben Slater (Video)

This week we caught up with Ben Slater our VP of Marketing in our newest episode of Coffee & Catch Ups. Ben was the 6th employee hired here at Beamery and his team is a huge part of the growth that Beamery is experiencing!

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Does my team need a mentor, a coach or a sponsor?

What does coaching mean at work? How’s it different from mentorship? Mentorship, coaching and sponsorship are all ways to help your colleagues succeed, but they’re applicable in different situations and have different results.

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Coffee & Catch-up with Software Engineers Martha & Lyndsey (Video)

Today, on International Women in Engineering Day, we are excited to share two of our Software Engineering heroes, Martha Lambert and Lyndsey Scott. They joined us through our Beamery Engineering Bootcamp in 2019. Our Bootcamp programme provides an…

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WATCH: Life at Beamery | Engineering, Product & Design

We have an amazing Engineering, Product and Design (EPD) team! They are creators, innovators, thinkers and just all around fun people. Don’t take our word for it, watch our latest EPD video and see why they chose to work at Beamery.

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Hackathon to production - How we built an enterprise scale integration in 3 days

Beamery are Agile evangelists. We believe in delivering working software in small increments with regular reviews of the requirements and customer needs. Most teams at Beamery implement a Scrum methodology to achieve this, and it works well for our…