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Life at Beamery Blog

We believe that there is a better way for companies to connect with future employees. We've created this blog to share an inside view into life at Beamery.

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New fully paid sabbaticals, first Fridays off, mandated time off: Beamery holidays revamped

Do you like holidays? We do! And thanks to our groundbreaking new Holiday Policy, we are saying ‘Hello’ to a refreshing, people-first approach to annual leave. TheBeamTeamers are ready to say ‘Hello’ to more time with the kids, short shorts by the…

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Day in the life

My First 30 Days at Beamery as a Lead Data Scientist

If you want to innovate, you have to iterate! It has been 30 days since I joined Beamery, an HR SaaS B2B company. I started a new role as a Lead Data Scientist in the Edge team — a group of applied data scientists and AI practitioners. Before this..